Cluster Analysis of Smart Cities with a Special Emphasis on the Criterion of Health Insurance


The perspective from which residents of a city observe its development and their participation has become one of the central aspects of smart city research. The Smart City Index for 2021, among other things, published data on how citizens ranked fifteen priority areas that are most critical in their cities. Among these areas is Health Insurance. This criterion holds particular significance due to the fact that research was conducted in 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The general question arises: to what extent are some cities similar or different from each other based on their expressed priorities? The research places a specific emphasis on questions such as how cities can be categorized based on the criterion of Health Insurance and whether the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the
division of cities. Cluster analysis results indicate that, although in some cases, cities from the same continent tend to cluster together, there is no clear boundary that separates cities from one part of the globe from those in other parts, except for smart cities in South and North America, which form two very homogeneous groups. Additionally, it can be concluded that the criterion of Health Insurance ranks first in terms of priorities in cities in South America and Africa.


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