Administrative law at a turning point and the legal nature of administrative activities: A review of some peculiarities of the supervision of insurance activities in Serbia


Administrative law is increasingly faced with various challenges and growing social needs that require innovative solutions. The demands of social groups for greater efficiency of administrative law are expressed in the constitutional framework of the jurisdiction of the legislative, administrative and judicial authorities. At the same time, the legal nature of various types of administrative activities is being searched. Some of them are regulated for the first time by the new Law on General Administrative Procedure, thus becoming the subject of scientific and practical analysis. Persons carrying out administrative activities shall apply the standards of administrative procedures to which the insurance supervisory authority is also bound. The Law on Insurance, the Law on the National Bank of Serbia and regulations governing special administrative procedures regulate the legal position of the insurance industry and the National Bank of Serbia’s supervisory and regulatory powers. The Insurance Law stipulates the Administrative Court cannot resolve an administrative matter in a dispute of full jurisdiction, if the subject matter is within the competence of the National Bank of Serbia.