Employee group insurance – foreign and domestic experiences


In many countries, employers contract different types of insurance for their employees. In the first place, compulsory insurance is required by the legislator. However, it is possible that the employer contracts and voluntary types of insurance, such as life insurance and voluntary pension insurance. In all such cases, group insurance, which has numerous advantages in relation to the individual, is concluded. In this paper, the aim of the author is not to convince the known facts about the collective insurance of employees, but to, after their brief presentation, determine the motivations of the employer to provide various forms of employee group insurance. Also, the author points out the specific rules applicable to group insurance in relation to the individual, referring primarily to domestic law solutions.
And in domestic business practice, employers appear as insurance contractors for the benefit of their employees. It concludes both mandatory and voluntary (for example, voluntary pension insurance). Therefore, the author devotes one part of the paper to the employee group insurance in the Republic of Serbia.