Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Results of insurance companies in Serbia for 2015


This paper presents the analysis of the results of the motor third party liability insurance for the Insurance companies conducting their business in the Republic of Serbia for 2015. It shows the numbers of the issued insurance policies and the structure of the gross insurance premium, the numbers of the settled and reserved claims, ratio numbers, technical results and financial statements.
Bearing in mind the fact that the motor third party liability insurance is compulsory and that it is the largest class of the compulsory insurance it is significantly important to follow and analyze its functioning, how and to what extent the rights and interests of over 2.4 million vehicle owners are protected as well as the rights of over 60 thousands victims presenting the users of the insurance products which quite justifiably falls within the scope of interest of scientific and expertise as well as large social and public community.
The objective of this paper is the analysis of the achieved results and the overview of the adequacy of premium system to cover the claims and other due obligations stipulated by the Law. It can be used by the Insurance Companies to compare its positions in relation with the results of the insurance market as a whole.