Needs for insurance and some models of franchising insurance at the European insurance market


Modern business conditions give greater priority to the franchising business in relation to independently launching of business. On the other hand, the complex conditions of business are full of unpredictable situations where businesses can find and what their business is becoming endangered. These unwanted and often unpredictable consequences often threaten to income and well-being of this approach to the market and undermine this business model make less valuable and attractive to businesses, to those who find themselves in the role of donors and those in the user’s role or the franchisee.
Therefore, modern businesses, especially the franchise businesses, in order to protect their business, and the success of the business as a franchisee and all subjects involved in a specific business project, special attention is given to ensuring the franchising business model. The paper first explains the need for insurance in terms of contemporary globalization franchising business and then gives an overview of available models of franchising insurance, with a special focus on ensuring the franchisor.