Basic characteristics of the Motor third party liability insurance system in the United States of America


In this paper, the author analyzes some aspects of compulsory third party liability insurance in the United States of America, pointing out the significant differences that are made regarding the most common legislative solutions applicable to the law of Western European countries. Special attention is paid to the protection of third parties, injured people, as well as interesting solutions that are applied in the business practice of insurance companies to protect drivers and passengers in the insured vehicle. Some of the most common examples of insurance coverage available to policyholders in everyday life are described, but there are also significant deficiencies in the protection of road accident victims, as well as the rather limited protection of policyholders themselves.
The basic principles regarding the obligation to bear the damage caused are discussed as well as different levels of insurance coverage provided. In addition to this, some of the peculiarities of how claims are resolved in extrajudicial or judicial proceedings, some basic characteristics of the insurance market itself are also discussed.

Ilkić Zoran