Deliberations about quality in insurance


Europe has reached a new trend – thinking within new qualitative measures. Simultaneously, that is a farewell to the fetishism of uncontrolled economic growth, thinking about quantities.
Quality, word deriving from latin qualitas, has two meanings: one neutral, as sum of all features of an object, system or process and another that expresses good characteristics of an object, system or process. Term quality has other meanings in the literature. Often in everyday speech, quality is synonym for good. Therefore, one speaks of „good” or „bad” quality during assessment of the goods and services. It is difficulty for insurance to set up quality criteria in their entirety. That is because unique nature of insurance as an „invisible good”, which has been classified as gambling in the General Civil Code 1812.Quality term appears as a multi-level phenomenon in the insurance theory and practice. There are six basic areas overlapping: Product quality, Quality of the staff, Quality of counselling and communication, Security quality, Quality of the legal framework.